BallroomFit@Art Motion Dance Studio

BallroomFit is a conditioning program designed to improve strength, endurance, stamina and mobility as well as strengthen the body in order to prevent injury and get rid of aches and pains such as knee, back, hip and shoulder pain. Join us Sundays from 10:15am to 11:45am at Art Motion Dance Studio (60 Colonnade Rd. in Nepean). Want a better idea of what BallroomFit is about? Check out this great video! Send us an email at with BallroomFit as the subject or give us a call 613-324-6639

BallroomFit FAQS

What ages and fitness levels is this program appropriate for?

This program is appropriate for ages 18 and older but our main focus is baby boomers. There will be jumping and bending activities  as well as other body weight exercises. We use a 3 level  difficulty system that allows you to choose your own difficulty on most  exercises. If you are concerned about your age or current fitness level,  please contact us in advance. 

What types of activities can I expect from this workout?

BallroomFit incorporates a wide variety of exercises and movement  patterns. Among these are plyometric and other jumping activities,  bodyweight exercises with resistance bands, agility ladders, abdominal twisting exercises, and leg work that  involves bending at the knee. Interval and Superset style training (the  combination of multiple exercises in quick succession) will be performed  sometimes slowly and at other times for HIIT.

What benefits can I expect to receive from this program?

 You can expect to have significantly improved cardiovascular health  and conditioning, improved total body strength, improved core strength  (abdominals, erector spinae, and glutes), improved agility, improved  foot and leg speed, improved posture, and improved muscular symmetry.  BallroomFit incorporates unilateral exercises and a unique stretching  program that address existing muscle imbalances and that strengthen key  muscle groups that will alleviate or remove hip, knee and back pain. 

Will this make me lose weight?

 You can lose weight and build muscle with the BallroomFit program,  however nutrition is key. Weight loss is dependent upon clean eating  habits with a reduction of carbohydrate intake. Muscle growth is  dependent upon an increase in protein and carbohydrate intake. Both goals require  adequate protein. 

Who are the trainers and what is their experience?

 Lionel Doonan and Melanie Doonan are both experienced personal  trainers and fitness coaches. Formerly personal trainers at Movati  Athletic and Snap fitness (respectively), they now own and operate New Again Fitness studio gym in Nepean. They are also  competitive amateur Ballroom Dancers. 

Do I need any equipment or special footwear?

 No you do not need any equipment. We do ask, however, that you  wear not-marking sneakers, preferably without a black sole! No outdoor  footwear is permitted.

 I have a pre-existing injury. Is this program still possible for me to join? BallroomFit is designed to alleviate existing muscular knee, back and hip pain.