Oksana Ivanova-Shelkovyy

Being a competitive dancer, I know exactly what my body needed to  improve so I talked to Melanie and Lionel. Both of them are great athletes and trainers, so I didn't hesitate to begin training with them. Mel and Lionel offer everything I am looking for in a  a personal trainer: a particular knowledge and experience in dancing and  fitness, reliability and convenience, challenging and never-boring  workouts.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to our other students and to anyone in  the Ottawa.

Nicole G Marks

 I met Mel from a frd I couldn't believe how tiny she was for a trainer. I have to admit I was pretty shy with her at 1st I was a little worried of what  she had plan for me but I have to admit I was surprised of the work out I did with her she is strong & she does the exercise with her clients at times which also mks it more fun & motivates me. We do different exercises every time I go there which doesn't mk it boring. She knows how much I can do when I go there she motivates me to keep going. 

Alysha A. Cunningham

 I used to think personal training wasn't worth the cost, but after  attempting many fads and group programs with little success, I finally  decided to put my presumptions aside and sign up for some sessions.  That's when I was introduced to Lionel. He not only taught me the ins  and outs of resistance training and nutrition, he was my pillar. Lionel  had a unique way of making me feel extremely comfortable and gently  pushed me to achieve results I never thought possible. Thank you Lionel!

Cory Garlock

  I came to see Lionel about 6 months ago, as I had been constantly battling an extra 15-20 for the past 15 years. Although I had been working out 3-4 days a week, I couldn’t drop weight due to consuming too many calories.
Lionel not only helped improve my diet with incremental suggested changes, I also gained strength in many areas where I was deficient.
At this point the 15 pounds is gone and because I’ve gradually changed my lifestyle, I don’t foresee a time where I will gain the weight back.

Kathy Lanoue

 After my last concussion, I spent years trying to rehab but I  couldn’t be physically active again. After fitness classes and online  programs, I tried personal training as an act of desperation. I needed  someone who could design a program around my specific yet nebulous  needs.   Before training with Lionel, I couldn’t jog across the street without  getting a headache... I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to getting it back. 

Jason Renaud

 Melanie is an extraordinary personal trainer; her enthusiasm and attention to detail have helped me achieve results that I never thought  were possible. She took the time to assess my abilities and get to know me, and then she developed a training and nutrition plan that was specific to me and my goals. She has helped me take control of my health and fitness; with her help I am well on my way to achieving my goals.